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If I didn't know better, I'd SWEAR that was Father Nick!...

11/10/2020 Fence Installation

Some of our Brothers got together to help a neighbor in need, Mrs. Cross, by installing a much needed fence on her property. Thank you to GK Joe Herschel, PGK Steve Maleike, Ted Wall, Bill Skennion, & Tom Dempsey for donating their time and efforts.

9/11/2020 Memorial Ceremony

Despite the current pandemic, people gathered together at Veteran's Memorial Park in the Village of Wurtsboro in support of the annual memorial ceremony for the victims of 9/11. Our council was represented by (from left to right), Tom Dempsey, Joe Marshall, Grand Knight Joe Herschel, Bill Skennion, & Rocco Gallo.

Joe Marshall apologized to his fellow Knights for not wearing his K of C shirt... claims he didn't get a chance to do the laundry. In an effort to display compassion and forgiveness to Joe Marshall for his lapse in judgement, Grand Knight Joe Herschel is seen holding his hand, as if to say... "it's O.K., you're still one of us".

8/27/2020 St Christopher's Inn Donation

Grand Knight Joe Herschel, along with PGK Steve Maleike, presented our Council's donation of $2,000, to Father Dennis and Dr. James Shiller, of St. Christopher's Inn. The donation was made in memory of Deacon Edward Czerwinski, Shawn Falk, Daniel Maleike, and Joseph M.F. Tierney III.

8/19/2020 Tree Donation

Our Council donated a "Red Bud" tree and dedication plaque to the Town of Mamakating, as part of the Sullivan County Renaissance beautification and community development program. Grand Knight Joe Herschel, along with Deputy Grand Knight John Zupetz, are pictured with the "ceremonial shovels". Also present (but not pictured) was Town Supervisor Janet Leibolt, who gave a nice dedication speech, thanking our Council.

7/15/2020 First "In-person" Monthly Meeting Since Start of COVID-19.

Following the COVID-19 social gathering guidelines, we were able to conduct our meeting outdoors, under the pavilion at OLA Church. Thank you to the Brothers who spent their time "brainstorming" on how to create a safe environment (hope you guys didn't develop headaches thinking too hard). And a special "Thank You" to Brothers- "Chef" Rocco Gallo for our dinner of "Bourbon Chicken" over white rice, and salad and to Ted Wall, for making his "home-made" Blueberry and Strawberry-rhubarb pies for dessert. Everything was EXCELLENT!!
We were also "blessed" with the presence of Father Nicholas at this month's meeting... although we suspect it was because he heard what was being served for dinner!

6/3/2020 Planting at G Mart

Brothers Tom Dempsey, Rocco Gallo, and PGK Tom Murray giving us a little "glimmer" of hope that things are heading towards better days by partaking in the Spring plantings at G Mart. They were however, grateful to still be wearing their respiratory masks, as they all shared a lunch of Brother Rocco's "home-made" chili.

A horse walks into a bar. Bartender asks, "Hey buddy... why the long face?"

Out With the Old???

Which is it?... two members of the "old order of dress" secretly getting together to reminisce by playing "dress up"?... OR, a couple of "rebels" refusing to give in to the "new order of dress", ready to put up a fight... YOU be the judge.

2/22/2020 Knights of Columbus Fraternal Mission Retreat

We had a beautiful Spring-like day and a nice turn-out for the retreat, which was held at the National Shrine of Mt. Carmel in Middletown NY.

Father Nicholas was the Speaker (the guy "towering!" over our attendees- GK Joe Herschel, Tom Dempsey, & Rocco Gallo), and took the opportunity to recognize the great sense of camaraderie he sees within our Council, and that our Brother Rocco Gallo always serves a "great repast" (meal).

2/12/2020 Red Cross Blood Drive

Our Brothers "stepped up" when volunteers were sought for this year's much needed Blood Drive at St. Joseph's in Wurtsboro. Pictured are- GK Joe Herschel, Ed Green, & Ted Wall. Thank you, Brother Knights!

1/4/2020 Annual Basketball Free-throw Competition

Once again, "Thank you", to Brother Ed Green for continually coordinating this annual event sponsored by the Knights of Columbus Organization. It was a nice turn-out of kids and their parents, as well as from our Brothers who participated and lent their support- GK Joe Herschel, DGK John Zupetz, Juan Colon, Tom Dempsey, Ted Wall, Tommy Troy, Joe Giza, John Cieslewicz, Bill Skennion, Rocco Gallo, Chris Cellini, and Joe Marshall, with a special guest appearance by DD Paul Plate.

Congratulations! to all the winners, who will be moving on to the "State Level"

of the competition.

12/22/2019 Holiday Celebration at Wurtsboro Retirement Home

This year our Council sponsored and hosted a "Holiday Celebration" luncheon for the residence of "Horizons of Wurtsboro" retirement home, with carols being sung by the Church of St. Joseph's Children's Choir, led by Rachel Feller and accompanied by Nick Sywyk on keyboard. The Brothers present at the event were GK Joe Herschel, Joe Marshall, Juan Colon, Rocco Gallo, Bill Skennion, Ed Green and Jack Haley. Bill Skennion, along with his fiance Gail Arsenault, generously donated food platters. "Thank you" to our Brothers who gave their help and support, and "Thank you" to Rachel Feller, Nick Sywyk, and the members of the Children's Choir, who made this event "extra special".

12/15/2019 Federation for the Homeless Toy Delivery

Brothers GK Joe Herschel, DGK John Zupetz, PGK Steve Maleike, Mike Zupetz, Tom Dempsey & Ed Green, making our annual toy delivery to the Federation for the Homeless, which were donated by the parishioners of St. Joseph's Church in Wurtsboro. Thank you! for your generosity to all who participated.

12/13/2019 Hudson Valley Chapter Meeting

Our Grand Knight Joe Herschel and Deputy Grand Knight John Zupetz accepting the "Columbian" Award presented to our Council at this month's Chapter meeting. Yet, ANOTHER fine job by our Council... Congratulations! Also present were Brothers Tom Dempsey, Ed Green, Juan Colon, and Joe Marshall.

FYI Brother Knights

Part of Steve Maleike's history as a long time member of the Knights of Columbus before becoming a member of our Council.

9/24/2019 A Word From Our Deputy Grand Knight John Zupetz

"WGK and my brothers all, Greetings from Vatican City and the Holy See! What a wonderfully moving and humbling experience. I am so thankful for the brotherhood we share and the good works our council does!! I'll miss you at this month's meeting and my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Sharing some photos.... Respectfully, John"

DGK John at the Vatican ("Photoshop" effect by John, himself... "you've learned

well, Grasshopper")

"La Pieta" ("The Pity" 1498-1499) The Pietà is a work of Renaissance sculpture by Michelangelo Buonarroti, housed in St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City.

The Papal Altar & Baldacchino. The Basilica centers around the Papal Altar where only the Pope celebrates Mass. It was consecrated by Clement VIII, June 5, 1594, on top of several other older altars. Rising above the altar is the baldacchino (95ft. canopy), Bernini's masterpiece and first work in St. Peter's. The ancient tomb of St. Peter lies directly below the altar. An interesting scene of a woman in childbirth appears on the eight coat of arms on the pedestals of the baldacchino.

The Pontifical Swiss Guard is a minor armed forces and honour guards unit maintained by the Holy See that protects the Pope and the Apostolic Palace, serving as the de facto military of Vatican City. Established in 1506 under Pope Julius II, the Pontifical Swiss Guard is among the oldest military units in continuous operation.

9/18/2019 1st & 2nd Degree Induction Ceremony

Congratulations! and Welcome! to our new member, Ted Wall, who received his 1st & 2nd Degrees at this evenings ceremony, which took place at St. Thomas of Canterbury, in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY. Thank you to our Grand Knight, Joe Herschel and our Brothers- PGK Steve Maleike, Tom Dempsey, & Rocco Gallo for giving their support to Ted.

7/21/2019 Father Peter Madori Golden Jubilee Celebration

Today, after the Masses, parishioners, along with family members of Father Peter, gathered in St. Joseph's Parish Hall to celebrate Father's Golden Jubilee in the Priesthood. After the 11am Mass, members of our Council presented Father Peter with our gift to him.

7/16/2019 Council Officers Induction Ceremony

Brother Knights, family members, and friends gathered at St. Joseph's Church, as our newly elected officers were officially sworn into position this evening. A beautiful and inspiring Mass was given by Father Matthias, who talked about the duties of being a "Knight", and concluding with the blessing of the Medals of Office. The induction ceremony was presided over by our District Deputy, Paul Plate, with the aid of our Past Grand Knight, Will Scheuermann. After which, both PGK Will, and our Grand Knight Joe Herschel, presented some of our Brothers with special Awards, earned for their service and dedication. We then all gathered at the Parish Hall for some dessert and good Christian fellowship.

It was a VERY NICE evening!! Again, Congratulations! to all our Officers, and our Brothers who were recognized for their service.

More photos...

I had asked Rebecca Werkmeister at Canal Towne Emporium if she could take some photos of our Council in the parade (she's a professional photographer- www.rebeccawerkphoto.com). This is what she sent us...

Great job, Rebecca... Thank you!!


2019 Summer Raffle Ticket Sales

Brother Mike Zupetz at Shoprite in Monticello- 5/18/2019

Brother Tom Dempsey at Shoprite in Middletown- 5/18/2019


Our Brother PGK Steve Maleike, who is also a Fourth Degree Knight,

participated in the Mt. Carmel Confirmation Ceremony.

Very nice, Steve... way to make us proud!

5/9/2019 St. Christopher's Inn Donation Update

Brother Steve Maleike had submitted the news of our recent donation to St. Christopher's Inn, to the "Knights In Action". It has since been published in their "online" April 2019 Update, and can be viewed at: https://www.kofc.org/knightsinaction. It has also been filed for publication in an issue of "Columbia" magazine at a later date.

Thank you! Brother Steve

4/27/2019 Coin Toss Update

"Thank you" to our Brothers who volunteered at today's CoinToss,

and to DGK Joe Herschel who supplied the days necessities,

including our safety vests and pencil handouts (Great Idea!).

Those who attended included- GK Will Scheuermann,

DGK Joe Herschel, PGK Steve Maleike, Chancellor John Zupetz,

Mike Zupetz, Tom Dempsey, Sean Moriarity, Joe Giza,

Bill Skennion, Juan Colon, Joe Kenny, Ed Green, Tommy Troy,

Chris Celini, John Cieslewicz, and Joe Marshall.

- A special "Thank You!" to ALL who generously donated to us.

Pictured from left to right: Bill Skennion, Tom Dempsey,

Chancellor John Zupetz, Joe Kenny, Juan Colon, Mike Zupetz,

PGK Steve Maleike.

A successful day!... though cold and windy, as felt by all...

except for Mike "I eat nails for breakfast" Zupetz.

PGK Steve Maleike

GK Will Scheuermann and Joe Giza

PGK Steve Malieke and Tom Dempsey

Juan Colon and Chris Celini

Joe Marshall and Bill Skennion