Be Virtuous

The Seven Virtues

CHARITY- Benevolence toward those in need or disfavor.
CHASTITY- An opposition to the immoral in the sense of lustful or licentious.
DILIGENCE- Heed. Care. A constant effort to accomplish what is undertaken. HUMILITY- To submit to God. To humble one's self.
KINDNESS- The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
PATIENCE- Persevering in the face of provocation without acting on anger. TEMPERANCE- Restraint. To master your own desires and passions.

True virtue represents a moral excellence that is judged against the standard of the Word of God alone. Someone may be thought of as a good person by the world's standards because they do good things. Believers are called to live by a different standard, a higher way of life. They are called to filter every difficult decision through the Word of God, and choose to do the right thing based on those standards. The apostle Peter spoke of virtue in 2 Peter 1:5-11. According to Peter, we are to add virtue to our faith, and seek to manifest the characteristics of Jesus Christ. By practicing these virtues, Believers increase their knowledge of the things of God. An increase in knowledge brings the ability to maintain personal and moral boundaries. This kind of self-control produces the ability to withstand adverse circumstances, out of which emerges a godly lifestyle. Being virtuous means having the fortitude to make the right decisions in every area of life, regardless of opposition from outside influences. For the Christian, those decisions are based on their knowledge of the Word and their desire to live a life pleasing to God.